What does 2020 hold for you

The personal year are you in helps identify the power of the universe and how you fit into it. This can assist you to understand where you sit in this current year.  So you can work in alignment to make changes.   Our personal year goes in a cycle of 9 years.  Imagine a ladder and the rungs of the ladder. The beginning, being the first step and the end being the ninth rung.

To work our where you are in your personal year.  Total your birth day, month and the year you are in now and concise it into a single number.

E.g. my birthday is 26 December, the year is 2015, my personal year is 1.

2+6+1+2+2+0+1+5= 19


1 + 0 = 1

Depending on the month you are in currently, say it is October, I would be in 9 cycle working towards a 1 year on my birthday. So preparation starts as you get closer to your personal year.

The following explains the personal years.


The beginning. The promises of new adventures as the next cycles unfold. It is time to take on those challenges, make those changes, get those goals into place and get moving. Just like the gun going off in the race you start off this cycle with loads of energy and inspiration. Alas if you have hit this cycle with no idea what you want, then you will have to wait for nine years until this cycle comes around again.  Best not dwell on the past in this cycle as you want new challenges. So cut those threads and use this cycle to its full.


This is a time for relationship building that will benefit you in the future. This is not my favourite cycle as it is about patience. So prepare for people to work at their speed, not yours. A real test of self-control. It is the year of communication, a time to improve your abilities to work with others in a productive way. What is that saying?

“Keep Calm and Carry On.”


The year of love (I hope). This is your fun cycle, so make the most of it. Romance, love, you have a zest for life. You are feeling     sociable. Check up on old friends, make some new ones. This is a great time to expand personal creative talents. Because this is a cycle of fun, it is not a good year for finances. However next year is, so have fun!!


This is the time to create, to work towards those goals. It is time to work hard on your projects, a time to stay focused on the big picture. It is a time for real self-control as you establish or re-establish yourself. It will be a challenging year but if you put the effort in it you will produce the results you want. All parts of your life should be scrutinised – work, health. This is a time to put your life in order.  As you are heading into a very busy year ahead.


This is a cycle for major change in your life. New friends encourage you to be more social as your social circle expands. It also leads you into a new direction, a time for moving away from the ‘same ole same ole’. This is a year of excitement and adventure. This is a year of fun so do not try to do detailed work as you will feel scattered in this cycle.

Go with the flow and you shall experience changes in all aspects of your life.


This is the family cycle. It could be that you are asked to step up where family is concerned. Anything domestic may present itself in this cycle. You will not accomplish what you set out to do in this year so do not be hard on yourself if you not accomplish much. This year is about doing what is necessary or required of you. Nice time to go into a relationship, nice time to be with family. Just relax in this year.


I call this, the non-eventful year. It is a year for you to self-reflect, gain understanding, perhaps go into yourself, do some meditation, maybe some spiritual development. If you have a holiday due, use it in this cycle. Whilst away plan your future. A great time to write that book, or do some study. A good time to chill out and clear your head before the cycle of 8.


This is your power year, a period when you can make important strides in your life. This is a year of big decisions, changes in financial circumstances, new careers, anything to do around money, business and success. This is the moment in your personal cycle where you can advance yourself.  So 8 being a power number, use it wisely.


This is a year of completions, a time when you take stock of where you have come from and where you plan to go as the new cycle starts. This is where you look back on your successes and even your failures and think about what you want to take through in the next cycle and what you want to let go. This is a time to reassess yourself, your personal growth, health, values and ideas, and decide what is important to you.

excerpt from Transform your Psyche, your Journal to self discovery

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