Landmark forum vs Hypnosis

I watched with interest as a friend discussed his experience at Landmark. Feeling disjointed and happy in life for some time he was recommended by a friend to go. After paying a thousand dollars for the experience I was keen to catch up and find out what Landmark forum is all about. The course was three days and an evening, he would have to arrive early in the morning and leave late at night and was not to talk about what he was doing, nor associate with any ‘outsiders’ during this time in fear they may put him off. Now I won’t say my friend is gullible, well he is and he is easily influenced, but I knew he had deep issues that only he could sort out. Well, what did he learn? Not a lot it seemed, he still lacked confidence, but now he was broke. He said what he took away from the course was that there was no such thing as hope. Hope was negative and the word should not be used. I challenged him on this as with hope what do you have? He could not answer but went on to tell me about how they got a woman to regress into her childhood to the root of her problem, once she was there she was told to snap out of it and move on! This unsettled me to think that unresolved issues were now being brought up and not dealt with.
The facilitators are not trained counsellors, they are simply motivational speakers whose motivation is to sell the next car, I mean next course. Hence why they make over 100 million dollars a year. Banned from countries as a cult. I do not see the value of being brainwashed. HUH! you say, what is the difference between Hypnosis and Landmark. Well, one I do not make 100 million a year. But putting that aside. When you go to a Landmark Forum they offer no snacks, no drinks other than a small cup of water, a single mealtime, and only loosely scheduled pauses to use the bathroom. The danger I see with Landmark training is if someone adopts it like religion, which shuts out other ways of thinking. My friend was quoting verbatim what was told to him, it did not change him, it just gave him a way to justify some of his bad behaviour. A month down the path from Landmark he is much the same. Your mind is a powerful thing. Your subconscious knows what is right and wrong. Hypnosis simply rewires your thinking so that you are mindful to your behaviours and change accordingly. Mind control organisations that take the money and then ask you to bring friends to join is simply pyramid selling. Hypnosis has been around for centuries.

Trust your instincts they will never lead you astray

Listening to my friend, and the situation with the women in regression I would stay away, as it appears they are messing with peoples heads and leaving them even more vulnerable.

(This is the opinion of the writer )