What does your Blueprint say?

Transform your psyche, your journal to self discovery- Brigid Curran

How do we know what our intentions are? How do we know what our soul purpose is? How do we know true happiness?

Many are waking up to a more profound understanding of their blueprint. This awakening is allowing people to uncover the restrictions that have been hindering their development, their happiness, their personal growth.
Understanding our blueprint allows us to walk the journey that was intended for us. Once we understand this we will delight in life and learn, teach and participate in creating a more balanced environment.

Unbeknown to yourself, you are creating a series of events that will eventually come back and affect you.

If you are not living your bliss you are destined to fall. It is my belief that every seven years events occur in our life that change us and can shake us to the core. Ideally, we would heal immediately and just move on in life. It is not that easy! We end up with baggage, and this baggage is not apparent until you find yourself in a similar situation where you find history repeating itself. This is not a book about blaming your mother, father, sister, brother, teacher or whoever said those things to hurt you or acted in a way that scarred you. This is a book of responsibility and learning that we are responsible for our own upbringing and that we have the ability to change the actions from our past. I hope you enjoy this book; the feedback has been positive with people stating that they read the book and put it down for a while as they are not ready to deal with the issues that come up. Once they do, they reflect a much more peaceful personality and an understanding of why these ‘events’ have occurred. Due to the popularity of the book and the fact that is is my pure passion workshops are now on based on the book.

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Learn to see where the beauty lies and what happens when we recover from that fall.
My book, Transform your psyche your journal to self-discovery will open your eyes to what your blueprint is. My book is available to you and workshops are starting soon. These workshops are online and are so much fun.

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