Time to take the mask off and discover your full potential

Life is like little houses. You often hear the term. ‘Take care of your own house and the rest will take care of itself.’    Basically, imagine yourself as a house. You are strong and sturdy and have different rooms which represent who you are. A room where you conduct your relationships, a room for emotions, a room for intelligence.   Your house sits in a community of other houses.  These could be a partner, boss, children, pets etc. On occasion they come to your house to visit and sometimes leave. Most times they stay.  So you end up with a full house. Unable to think straight, your mind races and you are out of control.  Of course you sweep the house out and put things away in tidy little shelves, but you do not remove the clutter from your house.  You are just shifting the clutter. So your house (YOU) become more and more mentally cluttered.

You did not ask your daughter to move into your house, literally and figuratively, but there she is, and with her are several cases of baggage. An ex-husband, and new lover and you are stuck in the middle.  Your husband is going crazy as you are on the phone to your daughter’s ex-husband, to his family, to the boyfriend, trying to fix the chaos she, your daughter, has caused in her life. Why can’t she see what she is doing? She is ruining her life and messing up your house!

As human beings we find it easier to clean someone else’s home rather than my own. I am happy to pop over and see my friend and tell them what they should do with their life. What needs to be taken to the dump, what can stay, this is far easier than standing in my own house and taking a hard look at it.

It takes years of doors closing in your face to be able to stop yourself from your constant advice. Let’s face it no one is perfect, even if you think you are! Your perfection will be very apparent when you realize the craziness around you will stop when you stop being in everyone else’s chaos. Register for the 7 steps to stop the crazy!! Hey it’s free!

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