What is a Conscious Business

Putting together a conscious business can be challenging.

Brigid Curran, Connecting Mind, and Business

Kiwi’s have an entrepreneurial spirit with over 500,000  enterprises in New Zealand, employing approximately 2 million workers, according to the last census. To succeed it is vital to have
* Business Confidence
* Honesty in Business
* Creativity in Business 
Lack of is the reason most businesses fail within two years.
What I’ve discovered having owned 4 businesses over 3 decades, is that success comes down to making good intuitive decisions. 
​You can be in the middle of ‘doing the business’ then it happens! – Transition/change hits you.  Intuition plays a huge part in life and business success. When you hone into your intuition you’re also adding the advantage of 20/20 hindsight

Business leaders are now seeing that a Holistic approach to business is the only way to achieve your goal.
Too many times you hear the word “transparency” and this term usually comes from companies who do not have a clue on the real meaning of the word. 
There is finally a shift in consciousness  where corporations are seeing that to work successfully one must be conscious of their own abilities, their own belief system and have the ability to be intuitive within yourself and your team. This is not difficult to do. If you care about yourself, your vision and the people surrounding you. You will be successful. If you are micro-managing, do not trust the people around you or have created barriers, you will reflect that in your staff and this is when conflict begins.   
 Times are changing and if your business does not have a heart you may as well shut your doors now.

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