Discover your Journey.

Your Journal to Self Discovery

We are born with a blueprint, a plan, a destiny of what our purpose is or the reason we are here on this earth. The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life.

If you are not living your bliss you are destined to fall, Learn to see where the beauty lies and what happens when we recover from that fall.
My book, Transform your psyche your journal to self-discovery will open your eyes to what your blueprint is.

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Transform your Psyche, your Journal to Self discovery

Awareness means change. Once you realise your cycles you can cut those threads and move on. Brigid’s book Transform your Psyche, your journal to self-discovery is simply written to explain why we feel and react the way we do. It comes with a journal so you can identify your threads and cut them. Why not live a life with wings and create new possibilities. Incl posage


Transformational Cards, based on the book Limited Edition

Transform you Psyche cards are 44 beautiful cards personally created to empower, motivate and move you forward in your life. They will answer those difficult questions!! Limited edition. Order your deck today. If you are stuck, in transition these cards will assist. I use them for my readings and they are beautifully accurate and my clients love them.​ Poker sized cards that will motivate you. Bag will vary.


Check out workshops where book is included.

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