Why are Mediums mocked!

Mediums are mocked due to fear of the unknown. I like to think that people who mock Mediums have lost their inner spirit to imagine magic.
The reality is, and yes there is a reality if Albert Einstein proved scientifically that energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy according to the change in the frequency of vibration. The human energy field is then seen as varying layers of coloured lights around the body. As the particles of one energy field pulsate and dance farther apart at a higher frequency, they intermingle with the particles of the other person and other living matter including the Earth. You may sense or feel a familiar presence in a crowded room. Then you see a friend. Feeling the energy of a person is something we all can do. Shift that vibration to a higher level and you soon get another frequency which enables you to connect to a source unseen, this is where evidence is asked for and once acknowledged it is called Mediumship- Simply a medium or conduit to another vibration. Not such a big secret correct!! Certainly, nothing to be afraid of or be skeptical of as it is energy. Learn to read the energy and this is where your success starts. 

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