What are soulmates?

I often have clients come to see me about wanting to meet their soulmate. In my experience, as a medium, I am not sure if meeting your soulmate is as wonderful as it sounds.
A soul mate is a soul to soul connection. Not human to human. In a lifetime you can have many soulmates.
You could have a relationship soulmate, a spiritual soulmate, a soulmate as a pet. Have you ever looked at the person in the car opposite to you, whilst you are waiting in traffic and they look at you as well? Guess what! Soul connection.
Walking down the street and a child may stop and look at you and vice versa? Yes, a soul connection. Have you ever had a ‘moment’ with someone, shared an experience? I had ‘ a moment’ recently. I was visiting a friend in hospital, as I was waiting at the lift a man started talking to me about his mother and that he was worried about her getting a hip replacement. I talked about the success of my mother’s hip replacement and this made him feel better, as we swapped experiences he asked her age, both mothers were the same age. A soul connection. He needed reassurance, so the souls connected for that moment. Soul connections an be one-sided, meaning the other connection is not aware of the experience as often it is comes down how spiritually evolved you are (how aware you are). Some times the soul connections may be difficult and this is where you have a karmic lesson to learn.
We are souls sometimes having human connections. How many times have you connected with a stranger? How many times have you said your friends are more family than your birth family? We are simply soul connecting with souls. Some stay, some leave. 
Do not get caught up on meeting a soul mate as the love of your life. Be the best version of yourself and you will attract the best person for you. Not a soul mate.

Excerpt from Brigid’s Book  Under the Veil 

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