Tap into your Spirituality and learn to understand those messages!



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Spiritual Workshop

As human beings we hate to be seen to be or look foolish, to step into your vulnerability and work with Spirit is the hardest yet the easiest thing you can do. What stops us from that clear connection? Our subconscious mind. That voice that questions anything different you try to do. Whether it has been generated from words spoken to you from the past, or just your ego trying to make sense of what you are trying to do, connecting with your Spirit is easy.  Then why is it so difficult? Because you are trying to psycho-analyse it.  Trust me, I have tried that, do it and you end up are blocking yourself from some real magic happening in your life.   Do it and you live a life of transition, wondering what you should be doing, why life is not the straight path you so deserve to have.  

 Venue: Nathan Homestead Manurewa – Meeting room
Date: Saturday- 26 September 2020
Time:10:00am – 1:00pm
Cost $60 (this includes a deck of beautiful cards)
The sessions talk about Spirituality.
Unlocking your blocks.
Channelling your guides/loved ones.
Delivering confident readings.
 Limited spaces.  Book today as spaces are limited to 10 only