44 Days to Transformation

Why 44 days to Transformation? 4 represents the amplified energy and symbolism of the number 4. This number symbolizes hard work, practicality and foundation. 4+4 =8 which is an highly ambituous numberwhich is a power number and 44 days is around 6 weeks in which it takes to break a habit. In this time of reinventing yourself most people are finding themselves having to rethink their future goals. The journey begins with you first. No matter how many times we think it is others, we are incorrect, we are just putting off the inevitable.


Everyone wants to unlock his or her potential, as often we are told, usually at a young age, that we must go down a certain path. It is not until we age and mature that we start to think more about what we need to feel whole or what we have to offer to fulfil us.

Our DNA identifies who we are and how we think. Our decisions are based on what we have been taught from the past.  Cellular Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton. ‘New’ Biology is moving us away from this victim attitude and proving, yes proving that we can change the way we think, change our thoughts thus altering our DNA. This is very apparent in Hypnosis.

I studied Hypnosis many years ago, not realizing how powerful this method is for change. Many years ago, while working with clients, I started to see patterns forming in their past behaviors. Generally, the most common thread presents itself when you go into a relationship, without a doubt, that baggage you thought you had dealt with comes out. From Rudolf Steiner’s seven cycles of life, seven deadly sins, Seven Wonders of the World and they even made a movie about it called the seven-year itch. It became very apparent that we must go through cycles and these cycles take seven years to reach their peak.

Aristotle said in the ‘The Philosophy of Aristotle’ “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man,” In other words, a child’s subconscious is now being formed, just like a video camera, recording the interactions and behaviors of the people around them. The behaviors are now being learned.

You have over a trillion cells in your body, through cell division these renew every week, every month depending on where the cells are. It could be a myth but a myth that has transpired to be accurate in the work I do. I am no biologist, nor can I scientifically prove that we have the ability to decode our thinking. The only proof I have is the hundreds of clients who have come to see me with threads in their DNA that are stopping them from reaching their full potential. A set brainwave seems to occur every seven years.

This is the year of reinventing yourself, why not start today.

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