Today I will Release Pain

Unworthiness, fear, inadequacy, are seeds planted in our past dictating to us what our life should look like. Words spoken can linger in our minds only to be triggered when we find ourselves in similar situations.  Some say they are only words and ask that you ignore them, this is not easy to do at the brain retains memories of painful experiences and this is not easily switched off. 

 It is not until we get to a place in our life that we begin to truly understand that all that is current does not need to be that way.

Forgiving your feelings or the way you feel allows clarity which then allows the removal of the limitations you have placed upon yourself. With clarity comes the ability to be the best you can be it takes away those toxic feelings and you find courage and strength to feel love again in all that you do and say.

Today forgive yourself for judging your life, release those limitations you may be holding on to and remember life is a series of opportunities that are ignited by the choices we make.

Excerpt from 44 Days to Transformation, soon to be released- Order your copy today.