What is timeline Healing?

We are born with a blueprint, a plan, a destiny of what our purpose is or the reason we are here on this earth. It is what we learn and how we use it that makes the journey easy or difficult. The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn, and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life.

Often, we are unsure of our life purpose until we get to that point when life has a synchronicity that allows you to achieve everything you desire. These people are often called lucky. But in reality, they may have done the hard work in a past life, and their soul lesson was to live a life of success and happiness. Who is to say we cannot go full circle and actually have a lifetime of bliss?

It has come to my belief that our life goes in cycles of seven stages. Within these cycles are events that can either shake us to the core or we can miss them completely until they present themselves at a later stage.

As you progress through your life you become aware that we do in fact go in cycles of seven. We may repeat the same mistakes or notice traits or habits we may have developed. As the years progress, we indeed develop and cultivate these traits and habits, and before we know it they become obvious in such a way that our lives have become affected by them. Some people have self-sabotaging personalities – they make the same mistakes over and over, and although others can see it, they do not. Unless they become aware of the seven cycles, they will never change.

By understanding your seven-year cycle you will learn to re-programme your psyche so that you have the clarity to understand, firstly, why you do the things you do, and secondly, how to stop it. If you ignore the threads that occur in these cycles you create a problem, not only within yourself, but your behaviour can also affect people around you.

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