It sure has been a bumpy year

The year 2020 brings to the Universe a 4 essence,(numerology 2+2)  pragmatism, conscientiousness, and a focus on building a secure foundation for the future.
In a time where we have had to adapt to the new normal, we have to remember that we are still human beings, trying to make the best of our current situation, and that comes with its challenges. Life has thrown curveballs and how you deal with them reflects on what your future will look like. Meaning, if you are not living your passion, or have no idea what your passion is, you may find you are sitting in limbo awaiting the holy grail to be presented to you. 
This has been a year for conflict and change, as a community we have witnessed a world thrown into unity. Never has the world come together for the same issue, yet dealt with it so differently.   The internal turmoil we have all experienced has now presented itself externally, expressing to us a desire to change. It is human nature to run, (fight or flight) however that puts off the inevitable.  Jobs have been lost, new jobs have been created, allowing for movement. People are tapping into their psyche to develop and create and be more sustainable. Communities are looking out for one another, and social media is now being challenged. The sad, mad and angry is presenting itself.  This clearing out has been a long time coming.  If you have your head in the sand, expecting your life to remain the same forever you will get a wake-up call that you could not have ever imagined.   So how do you build a solid foundation? Simple, through your insight. Stop, listen, and listen again.  You may be surprised – The shift is happening, are you ready? Brigid Curran

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