As we reflect on the year, 2020 it was to be a very spiritual year.

A universal master number 22 Year. A year about finding balance and peace in our lives, unity, partnerships and working together as a team. So true as 2020 played out in our lives. Unbeknown how it would be such a personal and global thing holding accountable world leaders and humanity. Each number, from one to nine, has a spiritual meaning. To apply numerology to a year, you add the digits of a year together until you’re left with a single-digit number. This is known as the Universal Year number, most of you know this as you have learnt this through my readings, books and workshops. It is always nice to be reminded though. Also how powerful the Universe is. 

As I consciously close down the year 2020. I find I am already starting to work in 2021’s energy. I thought I would share with you the power of the past and up and coming year.

 I have seen so many people going through difficult situations and it warms my heart that they seek out a reading to connect with their higher self. I always say you can rely on your higher self, more than human advice.

The 4 year we are leaving was about the connection with each other, isn’t it interesting how that was forced upon us? Was it the Universe saying, enough is enough and it is time for unity? 2020, equalling 4 in this Universal year, represented, strong foundations, creating structures to support those who needed it. I am not a numerologist, I learn about the Universal year through the messages I receive and give. Without a doubt, there is always a theme to the messages that form my foundation for the year I am in. 2021, what will that represent to us as a community?

Well, it adds up to 5, meaning it will be a year that holds a changeable, adventurous and free-spirited energy. I am noticing this energy now as so many people who have connected with me this month are all in the process of reinventing themselves. 

2021 will bring a sense of breaking free, choosing that path less travelled. Taking risks. Finding yourself, and where you fit in this world. Maybe it is choosing the path that gives you joy vs logic, just knowing you have an intuitive knowledge and the decisions you make are made as is simply feels right. All aspects of your life will be questioned. You will have choices, you will challenge your belief system, expect the unexpected and embrace it. Let’s hope that 2021 brings magic every day, the feeling we had as children on the eve of christmas day, as we waited in anticipation for the delights that christmas day would bring us. Often lost as adults. 

It brings me such joy to wish my clients, especially those who come out to the market to say Hi and who have become regulars in my workshops and who are fast becoming friends, a magical and whimsical 2021. 

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