Forced change is a good thing!

Especially when you are a middle aged white woman and no longer fit the image!

All middle aged women.
When you are  middle aged white woman looking for work, you soon learn that you have become a minority as age, sex and image plays against you.

With changing times you may have found yourself in a position of looking for a new job. Do not look at this as being a jobseeker, but an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Because if you do, you will go mad, your self esteem will spiral and you will end up in bed under the covers. I have seen many clients who have been forced out of their jobs. I know how it feels, I found myself in this position and being a white middle-aged woman, I came across sexism, ageism and, yes, racism. I no longer fit the culture, the age or the image of the organisations I approached. I had a choice to make, report these unethical businesses, head down to the unemployment office or have a long hard look at myself and revisit my career plan.
So I checked in with myself, found my non-negotiables and reinvented myself.
Now I help people like you to reinvent yourself.

Let’s embrace this change together and come up with ways for you to reinvent yourself. What is the worse thing that could happen?
I have spoken to many people who have taken a complete turnaround in their career and personal path, they are less stressful and more confident. This is not the end of your journey, trust me, this is just the beginning. Let’s do this together and show those young, image conscious, so called decision makers, that they have it wrong. Because one day they will be just like us, but not as windswept and interesting! Right!

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