My journey into Hypnosis

I was introduced to Hypnosis when I was studying psychology. Hypnosis allowed me to train my mind to be calm. I never realised the impact it would make on me and the path I was soon to take. It was 2009 when I started the journey into Hypnosis. It was natural. Not an academic, I was surprised to find it an easy study. The more I practised the more I learned the more I got deeper and deeper into Hypnosis (yes, a pun).

Michel Eugène Chevreul (31 August 1786 – 9 April 1889) was a French chemist whose work influenced several areas in science, medicine, and art. Chevreul in 1833 investigated the ‘occult’ pendulum phenomenon and gave it a plausible scientific explanation. Chevreul found that if you imagine something intensely, then the human body behaves in a way as if the imagined situation has already occurred. I use pendulums when working with children and in the development of spirituality.

My journey also lead me to the teachings of Émile Coué, (Feb. 26, 1857-July 2, 1926) French pharmacist who in 1920 introduced a method of  by frequent repetition of the formula, “Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better.” This method of autosuggestion came to be called Couéism. Although stressing that he was not primarily a healer but one who taught others to heal themselves, Coué claimed to have effected organic changes through autosuggestion. I love this technique, it was so easy to prescribe in sessions and it works, with commitment. This key mantra — “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” — is now repeated by a whole range of people in the healing world. This would be the easiest motivational mantra that exists till this day. I even read a story about the Beatles and their song ‘Getting Better”. This was influenced by a band member who would always say, when asked a question,”it’s getting better”. This was joke amongst the band, until Paul McCarthy was walking his dog on a sunny day and said to himself, “it’s getting better”, it reminded him of the band member and his ongoing mantra of “getting better” and the song was then written. One would like to think that Coué had a part in that.

My Clincial Hypnosis training lead me deeper and deeper (Ha) into past life regression, often termed by teachers of Hypnosis to be a COW. As once delving into past life you could open a Can Of Worms. Meaning, some things are best left to the unknown.

Past life regression is used when you cannot get past conditions of your current life. You may find you are constantly blocked in your life or are repeating behaviours. Past life regression is used when you cannot get past conditions of your current life. You may find you are constantly blocked in your life or are repeating behaviours.
Past life regression will assist in identifying when and why that trait was created. Most people have a sense of Deja vu, past life regression is identifying that past life. Clients come to me if they have fears, or habits they want to break, it could fear of flying, driving over water even success. Sometimes regression is all that is needed as often our fears come from words spoken to us as children.

I recall a client coming to see me as she could never win the races she was involved in; she is a competitive rower.  She found herself slowing down as she reached the finish line. She would get to the end of the race, in front, then slow down allowing others to beat her. In regression, it was identified that as a child she was told by her teacher that she would be repeating another year as she was not up to the reading level of the rest of the class.  Upset that she would be left behind she told her grandmother what her teacher said, as it was the school holidays her grandmother said that they will practice reading and see if they could lift her reading standard.  After the holidays she went back to school and the teacher retested her to see which class she would be in.  All the hard work payed off and she exceeded her past reading level and those of her classmates. The teacher, rather than celebrating this, thought she had cheated and told her she would not be putting her up to the level of her classmates, she would have to repeat another year.  This was the lightbulb moment during the regression.  She immediately identified why she would back off when she was close to winning, as she felt people would think she was cheating.  Identifying this, in her next race, she won. 

Actions and words from the past can make a devasting impression on your current life. Once identified you can only get better and better every day!

Brigid Curran

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