What was taken in the past is being restored.

Jason’s Testimonial

 This sacrifice energy is going to sit while you make choices. There is a lot of Karmic lessons being played out this month where the past is presenting itself in your present to see how far you have evolved.  Have you evolved or you living the same lessons but the players are different?  Some of you may feel a ‘lack of’ in your life  Believe that the changes are occurring. What that looks like depends on the restoration you have made to your life to date.
I always feel this is a time where you are preparing to have that KPI catch up with your boss, however, your boss is all Divine, so no hidden secrets and any fast-talking and backchat won’t be tolerated. lol
Change, be it good or bad, is fortuitous and you must embrace that feeling head-on. Ignoring it causes that cause and effect feeling. Forcing anything in life just does not work and the sooner we can embrace that the easier life can be.  

You might automatically think it is impossible to change.  You can adjust your thinking in response to new situations and changes in your environment.
These unconscious thoughts – which are shaped by memories, experiences and expectations – ultimately drive our conscious actions, and we don’t even realise this is happening. 
In short, our subconscious sets us up to fail. And that’s true about many of our bad habits – negative self-talk, smoking, overeating – they’re all deeply rooted in unconscious thought. 
You may not realise what you need to let go of, but you know you need to let go of something. What happens is you eventually lose your power, meaning you come across challenges that do not serve you well. 
This is a year to do things differently, what that means is, what no longer serves you is taken from you. This could be your soul mate, your work.  Your challenge is to recognise this and be willing to go with the change.  
Identifying your past, identifying your cycle and understanding this cyclic change will allow you to see the truth in your decision to change. 
The seriousness of the past needs to pass.  If you are stuck reconnect with your higher self, and that is simply being quiet and asking the question.  And this, too, shall pass.
Be the light- Brigid

The program to release your karmic cycle has taken me over 10 years to put together. I have a background in Business mentoring, Hypnosis and I am a metaphysical writer, publishing four books around changing your psyche. Reinvent Yourself in 2021 is a 6-week programme that I put together that has become very popular for those who are stuck and believe that there has to be more out there. Find out more about these workshops

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