I Blame My Parents

Many people who have emotional difficulties in adulthood, including addiction, wonder whether the cause was abuse in their childhood that they have forgotten or have repressed. My clients often ask about adult problems formed from childhood. Are unhealthy relationships you have with yourself part of a forgotten childhood? Many clients wonder about that possibility.

Hypnosis can seem like a way to unlock these memories and revisit our past, however, a regression can open a ‘can of worms.’

Our brain is an amazing organ where it can be very protective against traumatic events shutting down our consciousness to block out trauma to allow us to function in life. Until a memory is recalled!

Hypnosis can seem like a way to unlock these memories and revisit our past, however, a regression can open a ‘can of worms’

 This recall can occur due to a trigger, once this happens the client will seek to verify evidence that something did occur in the past as the memory is not clear or is difficult to interpret.

Regarding ‘the can of worms’ comment, evidence of trauma can be impossible, and most times result in further difficulties.

 If our minds were like videos we could simply replay and then we would be sure of the correlation between our past and present and understand the behaviours formed. The mind presents are a similar feeling to Déjà vu, images, where nothing is proven; it is just a feeling of knowing but not relatable.

 Your memory is created by combining pieces of sensory experience with interpretation and fantasy. (That creative side of our brain). This is evident when you share a memory with someone who was also part of that experience, and the memories can be different versions. Your interpretations differ.   This can cause further stress as you go on a journey trying to discover the reason why habits have been formed.

Therefore, the softly softly approach may be more effective.  Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and meditation are most powerful when focused on creating positive changes to thoughts, feelings, and behaviours for the future. Try this first before you start opening that can of worms and end up blaming your parents for something that may not have happened.

It is advised you seek professional clinical advice for identified trauma. Therapeutic Hypnosis can compliment these treatments.

Brigid Curran Auckland Hypnosis

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