Intuition and the conscious mind

Brigid Curran

To say you are an intuitive immediately opens you are for criticism. People will immediately judge you as being too whimsical, not to be taken seriously, a flake- the list goes on.

I studied Hypnotherapy after I studied Psychology, during my psychology studies I struggled with the clinical aspect of it and how the tutors were very pragmatic often questioning me on my thought process and directing me back to the practicum. I had to conform to the studies to pass and put aside my beliefs that there is more to mind development than has been written clinically.

Whilst studying psychology a Hypnotherapist was sited. Not knowing too much about Hypnosis I contacted the Hypnotherapist and my path quickly changed. I started studying hypnosis and this is where I found how powerful our minds can truly be. I was not aware of the mental changes occurring within myself until I was having a phone conversation with my mother. When she answered and heard my voice on the phone she sighed with relief. I asked her what was happening, and she responded with. “Whenever your brothers call me my heart is in my mouth, they are so negative, they upset me. I am so glad to talk to you as no matter what is happening in your life, your glass is always full.” I realised that subconsciously I had changed. My background was not unicorns and rose petals, there was a lot of domestic violence, my brother was in gangs and it was common to have men turn up with iron bars ready to beat the life out of him. You adjust to your upbringing and that becomes your conditioning. It is normal in your eyes until you make friends and see how other people live.

I soon learned to grow past the conditions of the past, but to do so I needed to break first and understand that this was a normal part of rebuilding my psyche to my new normal. Learning trance work and how to manipulate my unconscious mind consciously became second nature. This form of development opened me up intuitively enabling me to calm my inner talk, analyse what I was subconsciously feeding my brain and eliminate the negative talk that had no value.

When you manage to align your intuition to your subconscious thought- there lies the power! If you feel like all your best plans are not working the way you want, then it is not the time. Get out of your head and let it go. The timing is off and you can revisit it again later.

Human intuition—seems to offer a reliable alternative to painstaking fact gathering and analysis. Encouraged by scientific research on intuition, top managers feel increasingly confident that, when faced with complicated choices, they can just trust their gut. 

Harvard Business Review Don’t Trust Your Gut
by Eric Bonabeau

So call it gut instinct, understand you are an intuitive thinker as well. This is how you have become successful in the person you are today. How do I know you are successful. My intuition tells me so. Also, you are reading this!

-Brigid Curran-hypnochangenz

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