If you would like Hypnotherapy but are on a tight budget why not try one of my MP3’s.
I have adapted my downloadable MP3 Hypnotherapy sessions to offer a high level of therapeutic help with a number of common issues.
These are professional Hypnotherapy sessions and can be very effective in delivering quality professional hypnotherapy into your own home.
The MP3 is a fantastic opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy and make a positive change to an aspect of your life you would like help with.

Inspirational Book- Your Journey to Transformation

This book has been illustrated with 44 beautiful inspiring pictures to motivate and inspire you to think about where you want to be in your life. Books and cards are sold separately


A deck of 44 beautifully designed cards (Transform your Psyche)

These cards have been designed to compliment the book Transform your Psyche, each day you can select a card that will inspire you towards change. The card has the page number illustrated on it so you can read more information. Separately or with the book, these cards are motivational and inspiring. Order yours today


Virtual Gastric Band Self Hypnosis MP3

​Proven 95% successful in clinical trials, the Virtual Gastric Band, or VGB for short, is not a diet. It is a powerful weight loss hypnosis programme, which is designed to help clients lose weight by convincing their minds that their stomachs are full after a smaller amount of food. As hypnosis is a completely safe, non-invasive, non-surgical technique, there are multiple benefits over a traditional gastric band surgery, plus think of how much you save! ​


Sleep Meditation MP3

If you are struggling with sleep, this causes anxiety and stress, which can cause illness. This meditation will assist you to relax


Health and motivation MP3

This meditation will assist you in your healthy journey.


Transform your Psyche, your journal to self discovery- Book

The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life. Seeds are planted early in life, even past life, dictating what your learnings will be. This is predestined. It is not until you get to a place in your life that you begin to truly understand your purpose in life and then work within that for the better purpose of you and the people you meet along the way. For example, if you were brought up with conflict, and this continued throughout your life, you will seem to attract conflict, no matter what you do. You can pretty much say that conflict, or learning how to respond to it is one of your lessons in life. If you have always struggled with money, again this is your life lesson. If you have addictions, whether food, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, again this is your life lesson. During your life you meet people, and for no real reason, you either warm to them or you dislike them intensely. Or you just want to fix them. Again a life lesson.


Pre-recorded MP3 Downloads:

  • Anxiety
  • Stop Smoking
  • Hypnotic Gastric Band
  • Confidence
  • Stop Drinking
  • Stop Snacking
  • Sleep
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Past life regression
  • Healing