If you would like Hypnotherapy but are on a tight budget why not try one of my MP3’s.
I have adapted my downloadable MP3 Hypnotherapy sessions to offer a high level of therapeutic help with a number of common issues.
These are professional Hypnotherapy sessions and can be very effective in delivering quality professional hypnotherapy into your own home.
The MP3 is a fantastic opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy and make a positive change to an aspect of your life you would like help with.

Reinvent 2021 6 Week Programme

Reinvent Yourself in 2021 6 week programme 2021 is the year to reinvent yourself. Are you ready to build solid foundations so that you find the balance in mind, body and spirit? The Number 5 (adding 2021 together) symbolises curiosity, freedom and change, and represents the five senses of humanity. 5 is the pivotal point between the numbers 1 to 9 and represents a variety of experiences through its developed senses, and offers many opportunities for choices and decisions for the future. Do not be left behind in 2021. This is finally our Universal year. Are you ready? This six-week programme will include Introduction Reading/Consultation to work out programme and goals 5 x 40-minute zoom, or video link with Brigid- to connect and see how you are going on your journey. 3 MP3’s to assist you in finding your passion. Live your bliss and open yourself up to new opportunities. MP3 1 clears the clutter in your head. MP3 2 Motivates you around your health and wellbeing and MP3 3 Transforms your thinking, opening you up for new opportunities, unblocking the blocks. 1x MP3 Personalised for breaking habits, such as weightloss, smoking etc. Payment plan available Email Brigid for details.


Transformational Deck of Cards

44 cards have been designed to inspire and motivate you. I use these cards in my readings and have sold them to clients who just love using them as they are self-explanatory. Each day choose an inspirational card and this will set the tone of your day. It will give you an understanding of your psyche and also tap into your energy to ask you those difficult questions. Workshops are available on reading cards, you can register your interest for those.


Transform Your Psyche, Your Journal to Self Discovery

The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life. Seeds are planted early in life, even past life, dictating what your learnings will be. This is predestined. It is not until you get to a place in your life that you begin to truly understand your purpose in life and then work within that for the better purpose of you and the people you meet along the way. For example, if you were brought up with conflict, and this continued throughout your life, you will seem to attract conflict, no matter what you do. You can pretty much say that conflict, or learning how to respond to it is one of your lessons in life. If you have always struggled with money, again this is your life lesson. If you have addictions, whether food, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, again this is your life lesson. During your life you meet people, and for no real reason, you either warm to them or you dislike them intensely. Or you just want to fix them. Again a life lesson.


Your Journey to Transformation Book inspirational book

44 days to re invent yourself. Simply pick a page a day to give you inspiration . What does 2021 bring you? See other cards and book offer. Limited Stocks on special


44 Days to Transformation

Have you hit a brick wall in your life where change has occurred, and you were not ready? When are we ever ready! Change, be it good or bad, is fortuitous and you must embrace that feeling head-on. Prepare to reinvent yourself! Why 44 days to Transformation? The number 44 is a sign that your angels are close and are now ready for hard work. In numerology 4+4=8, which is a power number, a time to embrace change, a perfect time to reinvent yourself and like a chrysalis become that butterfly and grab hold of those new opportunities that you deserve. In psychology 44 days is around 6 weeks of conscious and consistent effort to create a new habit and break some old ones. This book is the little sister to Transform your Psyche your Journal to Self Discovery where daily illustrations have been created to empower the reader. You will be asked to make notes as you, gently and lovingly, tap into your head, heart and soul. 44 Days to Transformation will provide you with the tools to transform your psyche and improve your mental and spiritual health. Brigid Curran has a background in psychology and hypnotherapy, her passion is transformation and cutting those threads from your past to create the future you deserve.


Virtual Gastric Band through Self Hypnosis (2MP3’s)

For only a few minutes a day this self hypnosis as it takes you through a virtual Gastric Band procedure. I created this MP3 for myself and have lost 30 kilos to date, It works if you want it to work. as a qualified Hypnotherapist, I won’t do anything I have not tried myself. Who can have the Virtual Gastric Band? Hypnotherapy for weight loss is ideal for anyone who is ready to choose to lose weight and either doesn’t want – or will not qualify for – physical surgery. There are no specific weight or BMI requirements to qualify. It’s for anyone looking to improve their health through weight loss. Once purchased you will receive an email from Brigid to confirm your details then your session. You can start today!! You simply download the 2 MP3’s the first one being the procedure and the 2nd ongoing maintenance that you listen to every day until you feel the effects. The Virtual Gastric Band is not a diet. It is a powerful weight loss hypnosis programme which is designed to help clients lose weight by convincing their minds that their stomachs are full after a smaller amount of food.


Sleep Meditation MP3

If you are struggling with sleep, this causes anxiety and stress, which can cause illness. This meditation will assist you to relax


Stop Smoking MP3

Gift yourself 20minutes a day for at least a week while you retain your mind to stop smoking. Download your MP3 today