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If you would like Hypnotherapy but are on a tight budget or time is a factor, why not try one of my MP3s.
I have adapted my downloadable MP3 Hypnotherapy sessions to offer a high level of therapeutic help with a number of common issues.
These are professional Hypnotherapy sessions and can be very effective in delivering quality professional hypnotherapy into your own home.
The MP3 is a fantastic opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy and make a positive change to an aspect of your life you would like help with.

  • Active meditation for motivation, can be done whilst exercising/walking
  • Gastric Band MPS
  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • MP3s made to order.  Simply send a request for an MP3. Or if you are not sure simply ask for advice. It is free to ask!
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Personalised MP3

Download your personalised MP3. Once purchased contact Brigid via the form below. She will contact you to find out what your goals are and what you wish to achieve. Please check your spam. The MP3 will be modified to suit your needs. This includes online consultation via email. Allow 3 working days to receive the download. $50 if paid via bank transfer $55 incl fees via credit card


Clear Clean and Fix your body, mind and spirit self hypnosis programme (Book and MP3s)

This MP3 scans your body to clear, clean and fix your body, mind and spirit. It will give you the tools to feel healthy. This MP3 was created as part of a programme for Reinventing your psyche, to cut threads and unhealthy habits. It comes with a book designed to assist you in your charge, asking you those difficult questions. Unblocking blocks, understanding your past and creating a new life and a healing MP3 The downloads will be sent to you on payment and the book will be posted free.


Finding your calm book

This book has been designed to assist you in your charge, asking you those difficult questions. Unblocking blocks, understanding your past and creating a new life This book is a workbook where you will be asked those difficult questions to understand yourself, the threads from the past. An easy to read book that will take a weekend to work through. You will be astounded by what you learn about yourself. I have written this book as part of a programme. On its on or within the programme will prove successful for you Incl postage


44 Days to Transformation illustration book

Have you hit a brick wall in your life where change has occurred, and you were not ready? When are we ever ready! Change, be it good or bad, is fortuitous and you must embrace that feeling head-on. Prepare to reinvent yourself! Why 44 days to Transformation? The number 44 is a sign that your angels are close and are now ready for hard work. In numerology 4+4=8, which is a power number, a time to embrace change, a perfect time to reinvent yourself Simply pick a page to inspire you for the day


44 Days to Transformation Programme

44 Days to Transformation, as above see video

Book, MP3s personalised to you. An email or zoom consultation will be made. session 1 preparation Session self care and change meditation. A follow up session is included to go over questions. This is via email


Transform your Psyche your journal to self discovery

Read more about this on Transform your Psyche page


Sleepy Time Goloka Essential Oil Blend

Trouble Sleeping? Sleep Time Goloka Essential Oil Blend Goloka Essential Oil Blends 10ml Goloka essential oils are made from the finest quality ingredients with the essential oil extracted by the most efficient methods to get the most intense quality fragrances. Sleep Time Natural Essential Oil Blend Juniper Berry has blended with the royal fragrances of Cedarwood and Frankincense, and the most soothing Lavender, Chamomile and Sweet Orange. Trouble Sleeping? Sleep Time Goloka Essential Oil Blend Goloka Essential Oil Blends 10ml includes postage


Are you an Active Meditator? This MP will work for you

Walking Meditation MP3, positive suggestions to motivate and empower you. This MP3 has been designed to be used whilst walking or exercising, allowing you to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy


Meditation Candles

Meditation Candles are now available A unique subtle blend to caress your senses and guide you into a relaxed state for Meditation $16 incl postage Vessels may vary


Breast Cancer Support Candles

Beautiful 10cm candles to support those who have gone through Breast Cancer. Most colours available. Allow 2 days Incl postage $5 goes to Breast Cancer Groups


Gothic hand holding Rose Candle

13cm beautiful candle. most colours available allow 2 days


Pendulums assorted available

Chakra chain pendulums assorted, Used for dowsing, cleansing or asking questions. Ask about the workshops!


Beautiful Love and Friendship Candle

16cm most colours available. Check first. $5 goes to Communicare CMA that runs friendship groups in Auckland (Incl postage)


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