Child’s Play

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Child’s Play is a programme that has been designed to assist children who are too young for hypnotherapy and where the caregiver/parent require assistance with behaviour difficulties.

This programme has 6 components, but first, let me introduce the consultants.

Brigid Curran – Intuitive & Clinical Hypnotherapist, see profile page.

Leona Page- Life Coach Emerge Life Coaching

Ingela Johannisson-Wallman- Child play support

All consultants have been police and vulnerable children checked

This programme has been designed to work with children under 16 years old as Child’s Play is a softer approach, where covert hypnosis, intuition, psychology is used. The session is an active session where the consultant can work with the child to work with the subconscious mind, without making the child feel uncomfortable. To make a child sit quietly while a hypnotherapy session is conducted is too uncomfortable and troubling for a child. This type of session immediately lets the child know that there is a problem and often the child will make up thoughts as they do not want to let down their parents or consultant. The session is conducted with play in mind while working with the child’s subconscious and reframing thoughts.

Session One – A personal online consultation with the parent/guardian – This session is a 20-minute zoom consultation to discuss your desired outcome. $100

Session Two – A play session for the child a 1-hour session held on the North Shore or Pt Chev. This session can be crafts, painting and pendulum work. $250

Session Three – Connection Session. This meeting is a zoom meeting after the play session where tools are given to the parents/guardians to use – 1 hour $250

Session Four – Follow up session a week after the connection session. – 40 minutes $120

Session Five and Six – Follow up sessions 30 minutes, that can be used up to 6 months after the initial play programme. $150

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“My Son really enjoyed the ladies and the session. I certainly would recommend this programme to anyone who has a spiritual belief as the technique is so gentle with massive results.”
Beth S.

“The idea of clinical hypnosis did not appeal to me as my daughter would not sit quietly to do this. The covert style Brigid talks about worked wonders. My son just thought he was having an hour of fun. It was the best way to flatten out a steep learning curve!”
Mason D.

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