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Brigid’s focus areas are on empowering individuals, encouraging them to make progress in their lives and assisting them to make the right decisions when feeling stuck. She created her own programme which incorporates the techniques around Hypnosis and her work around her book Transform your Psyche.
Brigid holds qualifications in Business Studies, Marketing, Psychology, Hypnosis, and Past life Regression which she achieved while on her journey to self-discovery. On any path, she has walked, her calling would lead her back to assisting and guiding people who are on a quest for change. Author of Transform your Psyche, your journal to self-discovery and other books, her focus is on transformation. Follow her to find out more about consultations, workshops, books and products.

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Auckland Hypnosis (Hypnochangenz)

Psychology, specialising in Stress (AUT)
Marketing and Business Management (AUT)
HNZDAH (Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma of Advanced Hypnotherapy)
HNZCH (Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy)
Past Life ( American School of Hypnosis)
​Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band  Practitioner

MP3s available- Reinvent 2021, Transform your psyche, motivation, Virtual Gastric Band, Past Life Regression, Sleep and Relaxation, plus more, see products.

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