Using a pendulum in Spirituality and past life regression is immediate confirmation that a force bigger than you is working on your behalf. Let’s learn to use a pendulum the correct way. This workshop will teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides and gain clarity on all situations in your life. This workshop teaches you how to define your ego vs Spirituality using a Pendulum for clarity. Brigid is a published author who has 20 years of experience in Spiritual work, here and overseas. She firmly believes that any type of development should be fun.

Successful use of the pendulum really comes down to how intuitive you are. It is a very good way of tapping the knowledge which is already in your subconscious or intuitive mind.
Some people think that only “gifted” people with very unique and special abilities are able to dowse. It’s true that some people are naturally better at it than others, just as some people are naturally better than others at riding a bike. However, almost anyone can learn to dowse with practice. The ability to do so lies within you already and is just waiting to be drawn out.  $50  10am to Midday

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

Date: Saturday 24 September 10am to 2pm Venue: Orewa Theosophical Society Forest Glen Orewa Cost: $50 with fee pay online 12-3629-0491496-00​ use your name as a Ref


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Past life regression, will lead you to your purpose, your guides and how to maneuver your way on your new path. Triggers are dealt with to enable a clear path ahead. Brigid has studied Past Life Regression through the American School of Hypnosis and has guest tutored this subject for Hypnosis NZ. She will combine meditation, spiritual conversation & effective intuition exercises & techniques while she attunes to your guides whilst working with past life regression.
Learn to cut the threads that hold you back.
Understand the Universal Cycles and how to work them in your favour to gain success. 
Bookings are essential  – Groups are small to allow for individual attention.  $70 includes a workbook. 

You’re a great teacher! I look back fondly on all the neat things you taught us- made us DO! (lol)..when I was a part of your group a few years ago now. I learnt soo much and I use those techniques you taught. And you continue to inspire me, especially I remember to ‘step aside’ and let them do their job, well I try to.. haha getting better..All about trust aye- DM