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Are you Stuck with the change that has hit you?
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Sitting in limbo, unable to move forward as you wait for jobs, sort out relationships or try to figure out your headspace messes with your mental health. What do you do?
If you are unsure of your future.
If your headspace has no clarity.
You are Stuck. Depressed, confused or unhappy.
Why not let me help you?
I started this programme after many years of conducting clinical hypnotherapy. I figured out very quickly that putting a bandaid on issues did not work.

I have a background in Business mentoring, Hypnosis and I am a metaphysical writer, publishing four books about changing your psyche.
Reinvent Yourself in 2022 is a 6-week programme that I put together that has become very popular for those who are stuck and believe that there has to be more out there-
How does it work? First, have an open mind.
It is all done online, so no excuses

Sessions are organised at the first zoom meeting.
Session One. A Consultation to work out your programme and goals (1 hour) This is simply a chat where I will tap into your energy and talk through what is happening in your life. I use a programme I have developed around timeline healing. Understanding your past to manage your present life.

Sessions 2 to 4 are 40-minute zoom or video links with me to connect and see how you are going on your journey. Updated resources are given to you as we progress and as you work through the book.

Throughout the 6 six weeks, you can contact me with questions.
During the sessions, personalised Self Hypnosis MP3s will be emailed to you to download to assist you in finding your passion, unblock or breaking habits.

Session six is held for when you need it. Some clients like to have 2 sessions in the first 2 weeks, others hold on to the last session for a month after the session, as a top-up.
I have done this journey and am confident you will benefit.
Afterpay is available. contact Brigid for details

If you are feeling trapped in this cycle, this is for you

It’s not therapy: Brigid has the ability to bring out stuff that made sense to me. I was able to unblock my headspace with the culmination of the sessions I found my lightbulb moment which enabled me to find what I needed to help me make future plans

Simon Peters, Nelson


 Have you hit a brick wall in your life where change has occurred, and you were not ready? When are we ever ready!

Change, be it good or bad, is fortuitous and you must embrace that feeling head-on. Prepare to reinvent yourself! This is the time to embrace change, a perfect time to reinvent yourself and like a chrysalis become that butterfly and grab hold of those new opportunities that you deserve.


Your subconscious mind has many beliefs. You might automatically 
think it is impossible to change. (Neuroplasticity) You can adjust your thinking in response to new situations and changes in your environment.
These unconscious thoughts – which are shaped by memories, experiences and expectations – ultimately drive our conscious actions, and we don’t even realise this is happening. 
In short, our subconscious sets us up to fail. And that’s true about many of our bad habits – negative self-talk, smoking, overeating – they’re all deeply rooted in unconscious thought. 
When we deal with the internal dialogue we repair the external impression that presents. Together we can eliminate the negative thoughts that so frequently lead to self-sabotage. 


Albert Einstein proved scientifically that energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy according to the change in the frequency of vibration. Feeling the energy of a person is something we all can do. Shift that vibration to a higher level and you soon get another frequency that enables you to connect to a source unseen. When you are mindful you can open up your mind and manifest ideas, wishes and all the good stuff.

Clear Clean and Fix your body, mind and spirit self-hypnosis programme (Book and MP3s)

Receive the Reinvent 2021 book couriered to you. The MP3s are sent directly to you to download and you can begin immediately. As you go through the programme unsupported. (You are guided by the MP3s) The Programme is easy to follow. Session one is a 5-minute preparation for the programme 5 minutes of instructions on how to begin the programme. Do not rush this programme, some take up to a week or even a month to prepare. Session Two is the main session (Change the Mind) around 20minutes of calming meditation. This MP3 takes you on a journey of meditation to release. This session may need to be repeated several times, depending on what you are wanting to release. Session Three can be done anytime after you finish the book. The releasing. This session can also be played anytime just for healing on its own. Nicely compliments evenings before bed or at a time where you can go into a dreamy state.


6 week programme including book

6-week online programme with Brigid. Includes a 50-page book that you will work through. If you are wanting to pay this off, email me separately. Sessions Include Book. 3 MP3s, 4 online sessions with Brigid. Introduction Session before you do the MP3s. (1hour) then you follow the MP3s. Then follow up 40 minute session. Then two sessions available for you to book at any time after the programme for follow up insight sessions.


For more information Contact Brigid Today.

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Payment plans are available.

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I never imagined how this programme would work for me, but I have had readings with Brigid in the past and have never been disappointed. I was having relationship issues, after the first session It was very clear to me that I had to stop the blame game and work on myself. People noticed the changes in me. Highly recommended

Name withheld

Thank you for the life changing session today – just the most amazing transforming information. The 44 days to Transformation will be a great go-to, its a wonderful tool for doing the work. DM

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